We had to make this difficult decision …

Due to COVID, this event will not happen this year. If you have already paid for your space, please email ccaacraftfair@yahoo.com to request a refund or to carry over your fee to our 2021 event or to donate your funds to help our East Coast Travelers. Thank you!

Here are Answers to the Most Commonly Frequently Asked Questions about the CCAA Craft Fair.  

(If your question is still not answered please contact us via email: ccaacraftfair@yahoo.com or via our Facebook page and we will be happy to answer as soon as someone is available. Remember this event is run by volunteers, so we will do our best to reply as promptly as we are available.)

When is the Event?

November 14, 2020

Where is the event?

At the CCAA jr/sr High Campus in North Highlands (6444 Walerga Rd)

How much does it cost?

Event is free to attend but Vendors pay $45 for their booth space plus a raffle item.  More info can be found here

Do I have to give a % of my sales to the school?

No.  Your sales are yours to keep, however, some vendors do like to give an additional donation to the school but it is not required.

What Happens if it rains?

The event will go on Rain or Shine. Back up plans are in place should it rain.

Why Do I need a Sellers Permit?

This is a requirement from the State of CA.  You are responsible to report your earnings for tax purposes.

How Do I get a Sellers Permit?

It is extremely easy and FREE to get.  You can do it all online and have one emailed to you the same day by visiting here.

Do I need a Business License?


How Do I Apply to be a Vendor?

Download the Application here.  Fill it out and return it to the address on application, along with your payment.  *New, we now can accept Vendor booth payment online pay here

Why Do You only Accept 1 Consultant from Direct Sales Businesses?

To be fair we only accept 1 Consultant from MLM or Direct Sales Businesses like Mary Kay, Tupperware, etc... because that is what the committee decided. It is something many other craft fairs in the area do as well.  We have had 2 consultants who know each other work one booth together, but it is something you must do on your own and the application is under 1 persons name.

What kind of stuff is sold at the Craft Fair?

A variety of home made craft items (jewelry, sculptures, scarfs etc...) , baked goods, independent sales reps, jams, and much more.  All family friendly ofcorse!

What is the purpose of the Craft Fair?

It is a fundraiser for the students attending the East Coast trip bi-annually.  It has also become a fundraiser for other student groups that host a table selling their craft items.