Call for Entertainers

We'd like to invite you and your group to be part of our ENTERTAINMENT at our 7th Annual Craft Fair!  Please email us with the type of performance, equipment needs, and how much time you'd like to reserve (minimum 30 minutes, maximum 2 hours for groups, 3-5 min for individuals) and we'll let you know the schedule for the day as we receive sign-ups.Thank you for supporting our East Coast Kids' fundraising efforts and giving your group another chance to perform!

Call for Volunteers

Without Volunteers this event is not possible.  If you are a student or CCAA family who is participating in the East Coast Trip volunteering at the Craft Fair will help you earn money towards your trip.  Students and CCAA Families we can certainly use your help too and your time can be used for your Community Service/Parent Volunteer hours!

Please contact us:

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