Please contact us for a copy of the

 app, download here or email us at

New this year Vendors can pay for their space online.

Cost per Vendor space: $45 + raffle
(*$40 for previous year vendors)
Event Date: Saturday, November 11, 2023 9am-4pm
Parking is free
Required: Sellers Permit, Donation Item for Raffle, Change box or Credit Payment device, Table & Chairs, etc.

FYI- Electricity is not available. Wifi is available but not that reliable.

Please see the application for FULL Details 

We advertise our event in many ways and have student performances, raffles, bounce houses, snack bars, and bake sales throughout the day to draw participants.  If you are interested in having a booth/table at our event to sell your items, please contact us for an application and either email or mail it back to us as soon as possible.

Regarding Seller's Permits: If you are part of a MLM company you do not need a sellers permit. Generally, yes you will need a seller's permit.  In your case, if you do not sell frequently, you may obtain a "temporary" permit for the day of the event. You may apply online for a permit 

How to Obtain a Sellers Permit link

Day of Event info

¨ Our event is held on the school grounds of Creative Connections Arts Academy, located at 6444 Walerga Road, North Highlands, 95660
¨ The school grounds will be open at 7am that morning. Booth set-up must be completed by 8:30A.M. and booths are not to be taken down prior to 4:00P.M.  Failure to comply may result in suspension from Future Participation.
¨ Upon arrival, please check in with a Craft Fair Coordinator (wearing a volunteer badge) in front of the Walerga main center gate.  Look for the balloons.
¨ Vendors may park in the front line of parking (along Walerga Road) to unload/load and then must move their vehicle to the back blacktop parking by 8:30 am to free those spots for visitors.
¨ Maps and booth locations will be given at check in.  Each vendor will have a designated spot.  Use of 10x10 or comparable canopies are allowed (just realize if you are on one of our sidewalks, the sidewalk is less than 10’ and your canopy will extend past the concrete onto the grass.)  Some booths are in a covered hallway and an extra canopy may not be needed.
¨ All booths are outdoors.  Fair will take place regardless of weather.
¨ Booth setup items (i.e. Tables, chairs, carpets, etc.) are to be provided by the vendor.  A limited supply is available for rent upon request ($5 per chair and $10 per table).
¨ Booth boundaries must adhere to the marked booth size limits to comply with fire/safety access codes.
¨ All valid seller’s permits must be displayed in the booth on the day of the Fair.
¨ Power - Vendors are required to provide their own power source (i.e. generators).
¨ Raffle prizes - Each vendor will donate one raffle prize at a value of no less than $10 and by 9:00A.M the morning of the event.  We will send a school representative around to collect the item so you won’t have to leave your booth.  If inventory does not consist of items at or below $10 in price, please provide a coupon/gift certificate good for merchandise. Please include a business card or label “donated by __ ”.
¨ For your enjoyment, please know that we also have a bake sale and snack bar open all day.  Grab one of our student runners (wearing volunteer badges) if you’d like something delivered to you at your booth.
¨ Thank you again for joining us today! Your booth fee and donations are helping our 7th and 8th graders pay for a portion of their trip to the East Coast!